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Sugar Digest 2015-02-12

Sugar Digest 1. A few weeks ago there was a guest op-ed piece, “Can students have too much tech?”, in the NY Times arguing among other things that Internet access was undermining programs like One Laptop per Child. I found it surprising that Susan Pinker would cite One Laptop per Child as the principle example […]

Sugar Digest 2015-02-03

Sugar Digest 1. Congratulations to Ignacio RodrĂ­guez and Sam Parkinson, the grand-prize winners from Sugar Labs in Google Code-in. Our finalists are Cristian Garcia, Daksh Shah, and Jae Eun (Jasmine) Park. All five did great work, fixing bugs, writing documentation, and taking us to new places. 2. Since the contest finished, Ignacio and Sam have […]

Sugar Digest 2015-01-21

Sugar Digest In schools, all hardware and software bestow agency on one of three parties: the system, the teacher, or the learner. Typically, two of these actors lose their power as the technology benefits the third. Ask a group of colleagues to create a three-column table and brainstorm the hardware or software in your school […]

Sugar Digest 2014-12-15

Sugar Digest 1. Google Code In update: After the first two weeks, we have 33 participants and almost 140 tasks completed. The pace is faster than in years past, perhaps because we have more experienced Sugar users each year. You can follow the action (the contest runs for five more weeks) at [GCI 2014]. At […]

Sugar Digest 2014-11-03

Sugar Digest 1. I spent the month of October reacquainting myself with Javascript. Since I cannot learn without learning about something (to paraphrase Seymour Paper), I wrote a new version of Turtle Blocks in Javascript. It is far from finished, but it is already usable (at least from a Chrome browser — for some reason […]

Sugar Digest 2014-10-01

Sugar Digest 1. September was an exciting month. We held the first Sugar Youth Summit in Montevideo, organized by Daniel Francis and Jose Miguel Garcia and generously hosted by ANEP. The event featured a day-long symposium and series of workshops, including ones on Turtle Art, Butia, and how to write a Sugar activity. One teacher […]

Sugar Digest 2014-09-03

== Sugar Digest == I took the summer off from blogging, hence I have a lot to report about the exciting progress we’ve made of the past three months. First, congratulations to our ten participants in Google Summer of Code: Project Student Mentor Music Suite Aneesh Dogra Gonzalo Odiard Turtle Art 3D Anubhav Jaiswal Tony […]

Sugar Digest 2014-05-15

Sugar Digest Happy 6th Birthday Sugar Labs 1. I just got back from Turtle Art Day in Kathmandu, Nepal. OLE Nepal helped organize a 2-day workshop with 70+ children from four schools. Many thanks to Martin Dluhos, Basanta Shrestha, Subir Pradhanang, Rabi Karmacharya, Bernie Innocenti, Nick Dorian, and Adam Holt, all of whom contributed to […]

Sugar Digest 2014-04-01

Sugar Digest 1. Daniel Narvaez just released Sugar 0.101.6 (unstable). See 0.102/Notes for detailed notes on changes since Sugar 0.100. The tarfiles are available at [1], [2], [3] and new test builds are being prepared (keep an eye on 0.102/Testing). We’ve entered Feature Freeze (which had been extended by three weeks to enable us to […]

Sugar Digest 2014-03-09

Sugar Digest 1. Wow. We’ve surpassed 10 million downloads from 2. Daniel Narvaez just released Sugar 0.101.4 (unstable). See 0.102/Notes for detailed notes on changes since Sugar 0.100. We’ve entered Feature Freeze. Time to chase down bugs. 3. In preparing the release notes, it was really nice to see how many contributors we have. It […]