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Sugar Digest 2014-04-01

Sugar Digest 1. Daniel Narvaez just released Sugar 0.101.6 (unstable). See 0.102/Notes for detailed notes on changes since Sugar 0.100. The tarfiles are available at [1], [2], [3] and new test builds are being prepared (keep an eye on 0.102/Testing). We’ve entered Feature Freeze (which had been extended by three weeks to enable us to […]

Sugar Digest 2014-03-09

Sugar Digest 1. Wow. We’ve surpassed 10 million downloads from 2. Daniel Narvaez just released Sugar 0.101.4 (unstable). See 0.102/Notes for detailed notes on changes since Sugar 0.100. We’ve entered Feature Freeze. Time to chase down bugs. 3. In preparing the release notes, it was really nice to see how many contributors we have. It […]

Sugar Digest 2014-02-09

Sugar Digest The task from K-12 is building a thirst for knowledge, pleasure in speaking up, and curiosity, curiosity, curiosity—persistently pursued. We need habits of the mind that carry over to the many hours we are not in school and the years and years that follow. –Deborah Meier —- It has been awhile. Google Code […]

Sugar Digest 2013-12-25

Sugar Digest ”Between the ages of five and nine, I was almost perpetually at war with the education system… As soon as I learned from my mother that there was a place called school that I must attend willy nilly—a place where you were obliged to think about matters prescribed by a ‘teacher,’ not about […]

Sugar Digest 2013-12-06

Sugar Digest 1. A typical evening on the #sugar irc channel: [19:59] * walterbender heads to dinner… no more reviews for a few hours [20:00] <Foo> I’m tired :P [20:00] <Bar> By the way, How old are you [20:00] <Foo> Bar, 14 :P [20:00] <Bar> oh, I am 10 [20:00] <Foo> :) [20:00] <Foo> mini […]

Sugar Digest 2013-11-12

Sugar Digest 1. I’ve been busy pulling together tasks for Google Code In (with help from Gonzalo, Sebastian, Laura, and Daniel). Sugar Labs already has 153 tasks in the system so far, many of them culled from the bug tracker (I mostly focused on enhancements to begin with.) We can continue to add new tasks as […]

Sugar Digest 2013-11-01

Sugar Digest 1. Congratulations and thank you to Daniel Narvaez, the Sugar release manager, and the Sugar developer team on the occasion of the release of Sugar 100. It is by far the best version of Sugar to date and it was developed using the most effective workflow we have yet to embrace as a […]

Sugar Digest 2013-10-22

Sugar Digest “Free software gives the license. Sugar provides the means.” 1. I’m back from a week in Paraguay and Uruguay to celebrate Turtle Art Days in Caacupé and Montevideo. Turtle Art Day Caacupé exceeded my expectations. 275 students, their parents, and 77 teachers joined educators and Sugar developers from eight countries throughout the Americas […]

Sugar Digest 2013-10-05

Sugar Digest 1. I mostly look forward rather than back, so it is not often that I think about my time at the MIT Media Lab. But I had three occasions to think about it in the past week. I joined Yumi Mori and Toshi Takasaki in Tokyo last week to celebrate the 10th anniversary […]

Sugar Digest 2013-09-16

Sugar Digest 1. The New York Times had an article about the tablet invasion, “No Child Left Untableted“, in this Sunday’s magazine section [1]. The author of the article was a skeptical of the approach taken by the Murdoch-backed Amplify tablet. I’ve not seen the Amplify tablet yet, so it is difficult to judge, but […]