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Sugar Digest 2011-11-19

Sugar Digest 1. The Learning Team held a discussion about the Portfolio activity this week, which prompted me to make some enhancements. One request was the ability to export your portfolio to a PDF file. It turns out that Cairo supports a PDF surface, making it really easy to export PDF. So one nice by […]

Sugar Digest 2011-08-07

Sugar Digest 1. We have a new Local Lab. A warm welcome to North Dakota State University (NDSU). Their plan is β€œto do software development, deployment, and support, including providing local and regional technical and pedagogical support; creating new learning activities and pedagogical practice; providing localization and internationalization of software, content, and documentation; and providing […]

Sugar Digest 2011-02-23

Sugar Digest 1. Hats off to Simon Schampijer and Sascha Silbe who have released Sugar 0.92. While primarily a maintenance release, there are some new feature of note; for example, better handling of Sugar Journal objects when copied to/from removable media. Release notes coming soon. 2. Last week, I was in Lima, where Claudia Urrea, […]

Sugar Digest 2011-02-04

Sugar Digest 1. While shovelling snow I have been reflecting on Sugar – a lot of snow, hence a lot of reflecting. Looking back, I came across a quote from 2007: “change equals risk”. At the time, I was speaking out against incremental change to a global educational system that was failing to meet the […]

nature’s eye candy

We have had an unusual amount of snow in the Northeast of the United States this winter: Two-weeks ago 1/2 meter blanket of snow fell on Boston. Last week it snowed twice more. This morning, we awoke to more snow. Tomorrow, another 1/3 meter is expected. It is always lovely after a storm – yellow […]

Sugar Digest 2009-05-27

Sugar Digest 1. Between yesterday’s announcement of a major new deployment in Australia (Sugar running on the OLPC XO-1) to a flurry of smaller-scale, grassroots Sugar on a Stick deployments to the pick-up of Sugar by most of the upstream Linux distributions to the growing volume of discussion about pedagogy on the mailing lists and […]

Sugar Digest 2009-04-27

Sugar Digest 1. A teacher in Uruguay, Rosamel Ramirez, initiated a discussion on the Sur list this weekend about her frustration with the volume of technical discussion and the dearth of education discussion on the list. Several proposals to address the situation have been raised, including Yamandu Ploskonka’s proposal for a fork, where teachers would […]

Sugar Digest 2009-03-24

Sugar Digest I have been buried in meetings over the past few days, so I am a bit late in giving an update to the Sugar community. First, I want to wish Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero (dirakx) a rapid recovery. While I have been distracted, lots of great work has been happening: the Sugar on […]