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Sugar Digest 2013-10-05

Sugar Digest 1. I mostly look forward rather than back, so it is not often that I think about my time at the MIT Media Lab. But I had three occasions to think about it in the past week. I joined Yumi Mori and Toshi Takasaki in Tokyo last week to celebrate the 10th anniversary […]

Sugar Digest 2009-06-15

Sugar Digest 1. It seems that once per month the computer vs. phone debate reemerges. This time, Educational Technology Debate has taken up the theme. Wayan Vota posed the question: Mobile Phones: Better Learning Tools than Computers? Michael Trucano takes the affirmative position in his essay, “Phones Are a Real Alternative to Computers” while Robert […]

Sugar Digest 2009-02-16

Sugar Digest 1. Kathleen A. Madigan, the founder of the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence, wrote a polarizing opinion piece in the Boston Globe this weekend ( “A repackaged education proposal”, Opinion, Feb. 14) Madigan demonstrates that she values what she can measure rather than measure what she values. It is of course […]

Sugar Digest 2009-02-03

Sugar Digest Baselines, Part 1: A few months ago, Tomeu Vizoso set a baseline for the Sugar “view source” functionality that had largely gone unrealized in most Activities. In the upcoming (March) release of Sugar, the default behavior of all Activities will be to have their source code opened inside of Pippy, the Python editor […]

Sugar Digest 2008-12-29

As 2008 comes to an end, it gives me an excuse to do some reflecting on what we are doing as a project and foundation. Most of the following you’ve read before, but it is helpful—at least to me—to revisit these ideas periodically. The world faces many seemingly intractable problems: war, a faltering economy, an […]

Sugar Digest 2008-11-04

Sugar Digest 1. Peru by the numbers: It has only been a few months, but the early indications are quite positive regarding the one-to-one laptop program in Peru. 40013 computers delivered to students and teachers 2140 teachers of 569 educational institutions trained 100000 computers in the process of delivery 8000 teachers in training process 150000 […]

Sugar Digest 2008-10-27

Sugar Digest 1. Lima: Sugar was well represented in Peru this past week. Rafael Ortiz and Sebastian Silva organized a translation sprint at the University San Martin de Porres. SJ Klein and C. Scott Ananian then joined them to run a Game Jam. The week culminated with a Freedom and Open Source Day, in which […]

Sugar Digest 2008-09-30

Sugar Digest First, an aside: I introduced the concept of peer editing in the FLOSS Manual on the Write Activity by referencing the late Don Murray, who taught generations of journalists how to write. He had three simple rules for great writing: revise revise revise Revision is an essential part of the writing process and […]

The Media, Mathematics, and Mallard Fillmore

Jack Driscoll once told me that when he was Editor of the Boston Globe he banned the use of the word “median” because no one on his staff understood the difference between a median and a mean. Alas, the Globe has a great deal of company in regard to its paucity of mathematical thinking. A […]

A page from the Hilbert playbook

In June, I gave a talk, “Confessions of a fundamentalist”, at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The first half of the talk was reported in two separate articles in OLPC News. (Please see Part 1 and Part 2.) I had promised to blog the second half of the talk, which was called, “A […]