nature’s eye candy

We have had an unusual amount of snow in the Northeast of the United States this winter: Two-weeks ago 1/2 meter blanket of snow fell on Boston. Last week it snowed twice more. This morning, we awoke to more snow. Tomorrow, another 1/3 meter is expected.

It is always lovely after a storm – yellow sunlight striking snow-covered trees against a blue sky. What has been unusual about this year – aside from the quantity – are the shadows: a deeper, more vivid blue than I remember. Somehow, the quality of the light has changed.

I took a break from the snow to go SCUBA diving with my son – the first time since before I got involved with the One Laptop per Child program and Sugar Labs. The reef was ablaze with color; on one dive, we followed a green turtle down from the surface and then spent the next hour watching an octopus change color and texture as it moved from coral to sand and rock to coral. Beautiful.

We also experienced a green flash also more vivid than I can recall. Nature has been providing a steady supply of eye candy lately.

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