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Sugar Digest 2011-08-22

Sugar Digest 1. The OLPC XO 1.75 machines (beta units) are starting to be distributed to developers. This machine is ARM based, which means that it will have superior battery life once all of the fine-tuning is complete. It also means that it uses some different components, e.g., audio circuitry, so there is some driver […]

Sugar Digest 2011-07-09

Sugar Digest “Teaching is means making people learn what you want them to learn. Sharing is finding out what interests people and helping them to learn whatever it is they want.” –Eben Moglen quoting a youth in a Bangalore slum 1. Raul Gutierrez Segales, Bernie Innocenti, Luke Faraone, Stefan Unterhauser (Dogi) attended a mini Sugar […]